Interview with Tudor Bompa

Need to know more of Bompa’s books.

Tudor Bompa Institute

Tudor Bompa is one of the world’s foremost sports training experts. He is the only coach to have produced Olympic and world champions in two different sports – athletics and rowing. He has been called the father of periodization (training planning). I bet there aren’t any athletes in the world who don’t owe their successes (even if they don’t realize it) to Bompa’s theories in one way or another.

How did you get involved in sport?

Like almost every kid in Romania I started to play football. Track and field also captivated my interest so much so that during my mid-teens I was very busy training and competing in both sports. I quickly realised the athleticism I gained from track greatly helped my football. When I was 17 I was selected for the Romanian national under18 side. And I still managed to find the time to continue with my track…

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